Przemysław Szefer – psychologist, psychotherapist

Przemysław Szefer

psychologist, psychotherapist

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I'm a psychologist and a psychotherapist. I graduated the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy at the Silesian University in Katowice where I specialized in clinical and forensic psychology.

I work with individuals and groups (adults) in psychodynamic approach. I currently improve my skills and rise competence in Krakowskie Centrum Psychodynamiczne (Krakow Psychodynamic Centre) where I also regularly supervise my work.

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In my work I value above all the Patient Welfare and the Therapist-Patient Relationship.

I currently work at the Centre of Psychiatry in Katowice at the Psychiatric Ward IV for treatment of Affective and Neurotic Disorders where I co-lead a short term psychodynamic psychotherapy for patients with neurotic, adaptive and eating disorders as well as personality disorders. During my work and education I gained knowledge and skills in fields of psychological diagnosis, interpretation of psychological tests and psychological support.

I'm a psychodynamic psychotherapist which means I can work with patients with all sorts of psychological problems:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • personality disorders

I'm also well equipped to help people with non-specific problems like:

  • Difficulties in close relationships (family, spouses, partners, coworkers)
  • Crisis situations (conflicts, loss, split-up, prolonged stressful situations)
  • Any other life circumstances that lead to psychological suffering

In my work I value above all the Patient Welfare (in that regard I follow norms and standards set by The Code of Ethics for Members of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and The Code of Professional Ethics for Psychologist) and the Therapist-Patient Relationship.



  • Certyfikat Przemysław Szefer
  • Certyfikat Przemysław Szefer
  • Certyfikat Przemysław Szefer
  • Certyfikat Przemysław Szefer